About us

Creativity drives us. We have a team of technical experts in a wide range of disciplines to provide   a variety of productions. Creativity and innovation are our modus operandi to fulfill their ideas.

We work with a wide range of customers with an imaginative, thorough and efficient approach  toeach audiovisual production.

Whether it is through a commercial advert, a documentary or a short video, we aim to make an impact and create enthusiasm and interest.



Each project we undertake is based on a strategic objective. We focus on every individual client’s needs to achieve and ensure that our creative process is 100% aligned with it.



In PUNTAL we are proud of our ideas, our creativity and our skill behind the camera.  The audiovisual market already has many boring videos and our objective is not to be part of it.



It is undeniable  that “personal talent is the best business capital”. Our team is formed by leading experts in our different departments. This has led us to be a respected provided  of audiovisual services for companies and organizations highly recognised  in their respective fields.